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Enterprise Introduction
We are a high-quality calcium carbonate manufacturer from Hechi, Guangxi, China, with more than 20 years of powder production experience. 
And we are a collection of ore mining, technology research and development, calcium carbonate processing and sales, international trade in one of the enterprises, with 2 own high-quality mines and professional service team.

We use pure large calcite as raw material, compared with marble and limestone, our products have better purity and whiteness to improve product quality, lower hardness can reduce the wear of equipment during processing, lower oil absorption value and specific gravity can save production ingredients and costs. The production of high-quality PVC pipe presents a beautiful milky white, with higher strength and toughness.

Our calcium carbonate powder (GCC&PCC) can be widely used in PVC pipe, wire and cable, plastic, ink, toothpaste, feed, paint, adhesive and other industries.
We can provide 400-2500 mesh ground calcium carbonate(uncoated), coated calcium carbonate, special calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate with stable quality and annual supply of more than 200,000 tons

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Authentic large calcite, just what I want, the PVC pipe produced is very beautiful, it is milky white with good toughness, it is not as blue as the previous pipe, thank you Yeda for your service
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